Multipurpose Windows Tray App

  • Custom Menu
  • Wallpaper Manager
  • Lockscreen Manager
  • Fullscreen/Screensaver Modes
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2024/05/06 - v1.2.0
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Custom Menu

LumoTray's custom menu feature is a simple way to create a personalized menu that you can easily access from the tray icon.

  • Virtually unlimited number of shortcuts
  • Virtually unlimited number of nested folders
  • Create shortcuts for any files. Launch programs, open documents, run scripts, etc
  • Easy to add, remove and reorder the menu to your preference
LumoTray Custom Menu
LumoTray Custom Menu

Wallpaper Manager

With multi-monitor support, the easy to use wallpaper manager supports different configurations per monitor, some not natively supported by Windows.

Available wallpaper modes
Wallpaper Settings
Solid Color
Image Slideshow

Lockscreen Manager

LumoTray's Lockscreen manager feature allows you to customize the Windows lockscreen.
All the same wallpaper modes are allowed on the lockscreen, including solid colors, images and slideshows

LumoTray Lockscreen Manager
LumoTray Lockscreen Manager
LumoTray Lockscreen Manager
LumoTray Lockscreen Manager
LumoTray Lockscreen Manager
LumoTray Lockscreen Manager

Fullscreen/Screensaver Modes

Multiple fullscreen modes with multi-monitor support that can be enabled individually or all at once, manually through the tray icon or like a screensaver.

Available fullscreen modes
Wallpaper Settings
Solid Color
Color Fader
Image Slideshows
Local Videos
Youtube Videos
Matrix Code (by Rez Mason)
Hexels Generative Art (by Alexander Mordvintsev)
Countdown Timer

More Screenshots

(using the light theme)
General Settings
General Settings

Enable only the features you need.
Configure theme, startup status and tray icon click behavior.

About Window
About Window

Check your version, manage your license and send feedback

Send Feedback Form
Send Feedback Form
About Window
The registration notification

This window will appear once per week if LumoTray is unregistered.

License Your Copy

LumoTray is a solo developer project.
The software is free to download, fully functional, and has no limitations.

If you find it useful, end up using it often, or use it on your business, please consider purchasing a license starting at just $19

By licensing your copy you will:

  • Disable the weekly skippable registration notification.
  • Have your name, alias or company name in the about section.
  • Remove the "unregistered" text from the tray icon's tooltip.

But above all, you are directly supporting the developer. That's me! :)

Thank You!

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Software Bug
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